Coming in March, 2018.


by Roger Arthur Smith


Evil will have its retribution. Moving quietly through our world are beings created whenever a human murders four times for no reason other than depraved self-gratification. These creatures, called echoes of evil, restore balance to society by seeking out and destroying the serial murderer. William Dubykky, seemingly a simple lawyer in the scorched high desert town of Hawthorne, Nevada, is thoroughly acquainted with evil’s echoes. When he detects a brand new echo in the form of an endearing little boy, he tries to help it in its quest, knowing that otherwise the sadistic killer will prey upon another girl, the favorite target. But an echo goes its own, unpredictable way, and Dubykky must enlist the aid of the wayward county librarian, her would-be boyfriend (Dubykky’s ingenuous law partner), and an intelligent but bumptious crow to keep up with the echo and identify the killer in time. Echoes is a breathless thriller featuring a cast of unlikely heroes in a helter-skelter pursuit of the worst type of human monster, from Nevada to Los Angeles and back. They must contend with each other as well as the labyrinthine of tensions that lie beneath the arid placidity of a small western town where evil’s perpetrator lusts for the next kill, hidden behind the mask of propriety, while the echo draws steadily nearer.


A former Nevadan, Roger Arthur Smith lives in Portland, Oregon. This is his first novel.

Book Details

Title: Echoes

Author: Roger Arthur Smith

Publication Date: March 2018

Paperback: $17.95

ISBN: 978-1-936097-09-8

Dist. by Publishers Group West, 800-788-2123